City Tour Sponsorship


Claim a city on our tour to sponsor and hold on tight!

Here’s your chance to make a BIG impact on our tour and get some amazing advertising for your business.*  As a City Sponsor your business will get the advertising and backlink perks from the Diamond and Emerald business packages to our always growing community of over 20,000 members for 3 months PLUS your business will be credited and praised as a City Sponsor for our launch event in that city - THIS IS BIG!!


Think shoutouts and praise at our launch night celebration, on FB event page(s), any landing page that might be created for our celebration in your chosen city, FB Live video(s) for your chosen city, any print and verbal advertising done in or for that city (fliers handed out at co-working spaces, hostels, etc.) and any other type of advertisement we come up with were we can appropriately advertise our sponsors. AND MORE!

See we told you this is BIG! This sponsorship is crammed packed with advertisement and some incredible perks. 

We've listed them again below!  

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Your Business Will Receive...

Tons of advertising in our marketing for your chosen city PLUS 3 Month Of Advertising!!  

  • Your logo will appear on our site that backlink to your site for 6 months
  • Company included in a featured FB Pinned Post recognizing City Tour Sponsors
  • A tasteful promotional post for your business on our FB business page and group
  • Featured business article placed on our blog
  • Choice of what city on our tour that your business is a sponsor 
  • Shoutouts, praise, and recognition at our events in your chosen city
  • Your business will get much love and exposure in our advertisements (as we shared above) as we tour your chosen city. 
  • 3 - 1 year Premium Memberships to Nomad Soulmates (for you or gifted to others)
  • “City Sponsor” or “Gifted Membership” badge featured on member(s) profile that will actively link to your site for 6 months
Security & Privacy

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* Memberships can be held in your account and gifted when you decide

** We value the community we have built and our members so it’s important to us that businesses we collaborate with are in line with the spirit and company values we believe in. Due to this we reserve the right to refund any sponsorship from a business for any reason we deem fit.